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Welcome to the Wireless Networking Group (WiNG) at UCLA Computer Science Department. WiNG's research areas include wireless networking, mobile systems, and cloud computing. Our focus is on design, implementation and experimentation of protocols, algorithms and systems for wireless data networks. The goal is to build high-performance and dependable networking solutions for the wireless Internet.

The Wireless Networking Group is led by Dr. Songwu Lu, Professor at UCLA.

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Dec 2020

Flora (Flexible Mobile Network Platform) v1.0 has been released!

July 2019

A Systematic Way to LTE Testing has been accepted to MobiCom'19.

July 2018

Resolving policy conflicts in multi-carrier cellular access has been accepted to MobiCom'18.

October 2017

Tick has won the MobiCom'17 Best Community Paper Award.

August 2017

Several papers about NFV and security has been accepted!

June 2017

DPCM has been accepted to ACM MobiCom'17.

June 2017

Tick has been accepted to ACM MobiCom'17.

June 2017

Our 5G position paper is released   [PDF].


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