Reduce 4G/5G mobile data access latency by parallelizing control-plane operations.


Control-plane operations are indispensable to providing data access to mobile devices in the 4G LTE networks. They provision necessary control states at the device and network nodes to enable data access. However, the current design may su er from long data access latency even under good radio conditions. The fundamental problem is that, data-plane packet delivery cannot start or resume until all control-plane procedures are completed, and these control procedures run sequentially by design. We show both are more than necessary under popular use cases. We design DPCM, which reduces data access latency through parallel processing approaches and exploiting device-side state replica. We implement DPCM and validate its effectiveness with extensive evaluations.


A Control-Plane Perspective on Reducing Data Access Latency in LTE Networks  ACM MobiCom'17

Yuanjie Li, Zengwen Yuan, Chunyi Peng
The 23rd Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking.

CAP on Mobility Control for 4G LTE Networks  HotWireless'16

Yuanjie Li, Zengwen Yuan, Chunyi Peng, Songwu Lu
The 3rd ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Wireless.


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Code Release (Alpha version, full version to be released soon)


Research Support

We gratefully acknowledge research support from NSF (CNS-1526985, CNS-1526456, CNS-1423576 and CNS- 1421440) and the departmental support from UCLA and Purdue University.