MiRA:MIMO Rate Adaptation


Most existing RA algorithms are MIMO-mode oblivious; they do not differentiate spatial diversity and spatial multiplexing modes. Moreover, they are not scalable for a large number of MIMO-mode rates. In this project, we seek to address this issue.

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MiRA: MIMO Rate Adaptation in 802.11n Wireless Networks

This work studies MIMO based rate adaptation (RA) in 802.11n wireless networks. Our case study shows that existing RA algorithms offer much lower throughput than even a fixed-rate scheme. The fundamental problem is that, all such algorithms are MIMO oblivious; they do not consider the characteristics of diversity-oriented, single-stream mode and the spatial multiplexing driven, double-stream mode. We propose MiRA, a novel MIMO RA scheme that zigzags between intra- and inter-mode rate options. Our experiments show that MiRA consistently outperforms three representative RA algorithms, SampleRate, RRAA and Atheros MIMO RA, in static, mobility and collision settings.


MIMO Rate Adaptation in 802.11n Wireless Networks  MobiCom'10

Ioannis Pefkianakis, Yun Hu, Starsky H.Y. Wong, Hao Yang, Songwu Lu
The 16th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking


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