How to cite MobileInsight?
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InsightShare Plan

Share your mobile network insights with the community.

The InsightShare plan aims to build an open and large-scale dataset of cellular networks for the community and by the community. You are welcomed to join us toward a better cellular research community!

Showcase dataset

This dataset includes a showcase set of MobileInsight logs from our full dataset. It includes a sample of user study logs (aggregated by phone model and operator), and some representative logs of problematic usage scenarios.

Full dataset

Highlights of our dataset:

  • User study logs from 30+ users and 8 US/Chinese network carriers
  • 13-month collection (Jul 2015 - Sep 2016)
  • ~245GB uncompressed data (~49GB after compression)

How to use InsightShare logs?

All of InsightShare logs are compressed as *.mi2log format. They include message-level cellular network information. You can directly open them using our GUI, or perform an offline analysis using this these logs.

How to contribute?

If you would like to contribute to collect the MobileInsight traces, currently we provide two approaches: online trace submission, and background trace collection.

Online trace submission

You can upload your .mi2log logs to InsightShare through the following link. To facilitate the trace classification, **please rename your log name as the following format*:


Background trace collection

MobileInsight has offered background trace collection and automatic upload functions. You can contribute to the log collection on daily basis under normal usage scenarios. To enable it, you can simply open MobileInsight->Settings->NetLogger, and then check Log upload (as shown below). Then when you run MobileInsight and NetLogger, it will automatically upload traces to InsightShare server in background. It won’t consume your mobile data plan, because all uploads will only be peformed via WiFi.